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2008-03-28 14:33:28 by StupidSaint

I have made several flash movies/games and put them on this site. Its weird to take a step back, and look at what people say. People that haven't ever touched flash all ways rate my work very low, and those who have faced some of the problems that i have have rated in moderation. I would prefer it if people would try and make something before reviewing Flash.

Tell me what you think,



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2008-04-20 08:18:20

This is true. Many people who don't use flash, they vote 0 because they don't KNOW how hard it is for us Flashers to even make a single decent flash. And that's not talking about ActionScript. How dumb can that get? I haven't submitted a flash, I know, but I know how hard it is. That's why I vote decently, not like those dumbasses who go 0 bombing.

StupidSaint responds:

Cheers for your support



2010-03-02 04:02:09

Lol i found you global warning flash CHEERS ON THAT {THUMPS UP}
ivemade a flash its hard mine suk way more then anyone's BECAUSE IM A NOOB AT flash lol. n this nerd rated 0 for my first flash n it got blamed!


2010-03-02 04:03:33

Anyway your a very good flasher saint Dont worry abut other people annoying you im on your side! :)